We think we have some exciting news!


HI Everyone!  We mentioned in our last post that we were excited to have been accepted to be part of Christmas Made in the South.   We will be in Columbus, Georgia,    Macon, Georgia,  Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida.   While that is super news for us,  we have what we think will be exciting news for you all too!  We are introducing 3 new siblings to the Timmynoggy family.   Yep,  we are happy to be offering the new Timmynoggy Thins which is a "thinner" version of our Timmynoggy Straights and are an excellent option for those lightweight hanging items like little chimes, hummingbird feeders and those little cute, colorful bottles with sprouted cuttings.      We use them personally and LOVE. LOVE. LOVE them!                 Our second offering is in response to you Beach Home Owners who expressed frustration with "everything metal rusts at the beach" issue.    Well,  we heard you and we came up with our Timmynoggy Plus!  Timmynoggy Plus are made with marine grade stainless steel and should hold up to the saltiest air and sea spray.  They look beautiful, we think you will like them!   We are currently just offering them in Snowbird White,  Sea Foam Green and Bimini Top Black to see what you think.   If you like them we'll try them out in our other beautiful, Florida colors!          Ok, that's two.....the third sibling is our 3/8 banner/sign Timmynoggy.   This Timmynoggy will work on your 4x4 mailbox post,  or any 4x4 post that you want to display a small banner,  for sale sign,  real estate signs,  lots of options.    These are currently being introduced in just two colors.  Bimini Top Black and  our Fancy Copper Vein.           We could go on, and we will but in a different blog post!      Check back with us and we'll keep you up to date on what's coming up.       



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  • Mechele Cummins