What exactly IS a Timmynoggy?

A very old dictionary states the following:
Timmynoggy – noun. A device that saves time and labor.

A fitting description for what we are manufacturing right here in sunny Florida!
Available in 18 eye catching Florida colors and fades.

Our Timmynoggy is a leverage locking metal hanger designed to utilize weighted leverage to hang on vertical square posts found on wood fences, front porches and mailboxes.
No tools required and pictures speak clearer than words here.

So easy to use a 3 and a half year old little girl and an 80 year old great-grandmother can quickly hook a Timmynoggy on a featured square post and hang a plant, chimes, basket, lantern, bird feeder, and other hanging what-nots in a matter of seconds without tools, or any additional help. And being females with the inherited right to always change their minds, can just as easily take it down and move it higher, lower or on a totally different post without marring the wood with holes. See for yourself below!

To learn about our Timmynoggys, check out our About Us and the Birth of a Timmynoggy tab.

No tools, No screws, No holes, No commitments.

So take a look at a few things our Timmynoggy can do!

Psst.. We want to tell you that we love our country, defects and all, and the diversity of all the cultures that America represents, which is why we have chosen to make our products right here, in the USA. In fact, we lovingly make, touch and finish each one from beginning to end and are proud to do so. We hope you agree and will support our efforts.

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What exactly IS a Timmynoggy?

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