Timmynoggy Thins

Product Description
A slender version of our Timmynoggy Straights,  perfect for lighter items like smaller wind chimes, hummingbird feeders,  small colorful bottles with plant cuttings, just to name a few ideas. It is also great for the smaller style banners but will still need some weight on the end to lock it into place.  This Timmynoggy will hold up to 2.5 lbs!   It is a new product and we are just showing in My Bikini Red right now!  Hummingbirds love the red, but it is available in Fancy Copper Vein, Snowbird White, Sundance Gold, Limo Tint Black and Bimini Top Black as well in certain sizes.
My Bikini Red
Fancy Copper Vein
Bimini Top Black
Sundance Gold
Limo Tint Black
Snowbird White
$ 15.00