1. Will a Timmynoggy hang on it’s own?

We’ve found that a Timmynoggy is well balanced and will often hang by themselves, however, it is not recommended. The Timmynoggy’s design is based on weighted leverage. Once leveraged by a plant, or any object of sufficient weight, it would be rare for them to fall. We do provide upon request, a bracket to screw/secure one permanently, if desired.   If you would like a bracket,  just put a note in the comment section when placing an order for your Timmynoggy.   Don't worry, there is no charge for the bracket.

2. How much weight will a Timmynoggy hold?

We’ve test our bent ½ inch model and found that they easily hold up to 45 pounds.  We recommend a minimum weight of 7 pounds for stability.  Our banner style holds up to 10 pounds and Timmy Thins up to 2.5 pounds.

3. Can a Timmynoggy handle being outdoors and exposed to the weather and elements?

Yes, we use Powder Coating with UV resistant colors that won’t fade overtime, and that are far more resistant to chipping and scratching.    One little tip:  Some items that you would want to hang from a Timmynoggy might have a metal hook or handle.  Over time, this metal may scratch or compromise the powder coating on your Timmynoggy due to movement, swinging from weather.   We have found and routinely use a little piece of electrical tape to wrap around the metal hook/handle of what you are hanging and then hang your item of choice on your Timmynoggy. (That tape is available in pretty colors now, so you probably won't mind using it)  We are proud to say that the powder coat finish on your Timmynoggy should last for years and years! 

4. How do I properly hang a Timmynoggy?

Place the U shape of the Timmynoggy around the post, keeping the tip of the other end facing up. Level the Timmynoggy, keeping a little downward pressure on the tip. Place your plant, chime, lantern, bird feeder, banner, etc…stand back and enjoy.   Not exactly where you wanted it?  You can move it again with ease.  It is just that simple. Check out the video on our main page to see how easy it is to hang a Timmynoggy!

5. Why the hype about “Made in America”? You could have a wildly better profit margin if you were manufacturing in China or India, etc.

We love people from all cultures, their foods, the experiences their traditions bring to our lives. That being said, we LOVE the United States and we choose to make our products here, in the U.S.A. We hope you will support our efforts.

6. I'm not sure about what size I might need.  How do I determine which one is right for me?

This is a great question.   If you measure what is considered a 4 x 4 square post, you'll see it is closer to 3.5 inches  x 3.5 inches.    Same goes for 6 x 6...which is normally 5.5 x 5.5 inches.    Our 4 inch will fit what is called a 4 x 4 square post, and our 6 inch will fit a 6 x 6,  and so on and so forth. If you have a 4 x 6 inch post,  it will depend on which direction you want the Timmynoggy to face.  If the 4 inch side is facing you and is the the direction you want the Timmynoggy to face,  you will want to go with a 6 inch design.  If the side facing you is 6 inches,  you will want the 4 inch design. If you still need help deciding, e-mail us and we'll help you out.

7. Eighteen different beautiful colors?  How do I choose? 

We always say that "variety is the spice of life" and we love the variety of choices we are providing.   Consider this:  A Hot Flamingo Pink one would work well in February for Valentines along side a  My Red Bikini and Snowbird White. That same Hot Flamingo Pink  would work great in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month too.  Then Hot Flamingo Pink,  added with It's Blue Skies, and Sunshine Yellow reminds me of dyed eggs at Easter.   Silver Doubloon,  Sundance Gold,  My Red Bikini, Palm Frond Green and Snowbird White are awesome combinations for holding lanterns filled with brightly color ornaments with battery operated twinkle style lights during the Christmas Season. Ocean Blue and Sundance Gold can add to your Hanukkah décor.   A Sundance Gold, Palm Frond Green and Little Havana Purple can make your Mardi Gras observance stand out from the norm. See where we are going with this?    Basically, the only limitation is your imagination!   We aren't going anywhere, so you can always come back and pick more colors and styles as inspiration leads.  By the way,  e-mail us a picture of how you've used your Timmynoggy.  We'll add your picture to our Inspiration link.  Check back regularly to see what others have come up with and shared.   There is a whole lot of creativity going on out there, folks.  Pretty exciting, if you ask us!

8. Do you sell outside the United States proper? 

We are learning the "outside the U.S. and International ropes".  We won't say no, but we won't say yes, yet.   Every situation is different.   We don't want to disappoint so we ask that you e-mail us with your particulars and we'll see if we can find a solution. 

9. I have an 8 inch square posts and/or  my porch posts are round.  What do you have that I can use?

Help is on the way!  We have 8 inch square now available in some basic colors  and round post Timmynoggy testing & production in the works.  We want them to be perfect like the others so are tweaking, tweaking and tweaking some more.  Keep checking back as we will give updates as they are reached.   We also have some really cool solutions for other Timmynoggy styles on the design table that we are positive are going to get you as excited as we are!  

10.  Do you sell Wholesale?

 E-mail us and we'll talk. 

11.  What details can you provide us about your shipping and handling?

Shipping costs, like death and taxes,  seem to be a necessary evil, unless you are Amazon Prime.   We can promise you this, that we make every effort to use the best shipping options at the lowest prices to get your new Timmynoggy to you.   We are continually searching for the best deals on shipping offerings and will always pass that deal on to you. And we have recently introduced FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS $75 and over!   Easy to do, because what is better than one Timmynoggy?  Multiple Timmynoggys!   Since we are a new site, we are continually testing and tweaking the best way to get you your Timmynoggy.   You'll note we have rather creative ways of protecting your Timmynoggy during shipping that come from my husband's creative recycling efforts.   "Waste not, want not" is a great motto around our shop.   We've also implemented a flat fee for shipping of $5 for regular orders and $10 for heavy orders.  And again, anything over $75 is free shipping anyway.  

12.  Will a Timmynoggy work on my prefabricated/plastic 6 foot privacy fence?

We've looked at a lot of the different styles of prefabricated fences and have found that if there is at least a 3 inch gap at the top of the post below the top cap,  depending on the style of the fence panel attached to the post,  yes, a Timmynoggy will work.   If you purchase a Timmynoggy and find that it does NOT work,  return it and we will cheerfully refund your purchase price.          ( Please review our Returns policy)  Before you consider the return, give your Timmynoggy a try on a mailbox post or check out our INSPIRE page to see how other Timmynoggy owners are putting theirs to work.  We are a new website but we are always adding more pictures.   Check out how creative folks can be!


13.  I can't tell what the fancy copper vein and the fancy silver vein are all about?

The pictures certainly don't do those colors justice and we will make some improvements in the near future to be able to show you just how great they look. In a nutshell, they are regal colors.   Classy and high brow....very upper crust.   The copper is a deep metallic copper with black highlights.  The silver is a rich silver with similar black highlights.  This process makes both colors "textured" vs the smooth, playful colors of our other Timmynoggys.    If you are wanting a more tailored look for your patio posts, porch, mailboxes or fence... The fancy copper vein and fancy silver vein Timmynoggys are definitely the ones you'd want to consider!

14.  I live near you. Are any retailers currently displaying and selling your Timmynoggys?

Yes!  We have a presence at "Just Fruits and Exotics" in Crawfordville,  and are in negotiations with a few more retailers.   Keep referring back here as we will add to our list for your review.

15.  My Timmynoggy fits but won't stay up.  What am I doing wrong?  

Easy explanation.  It can be tempting to try to use a Timmynoggy on a post that is the wrong size for your Timmynoggy.   For instance, a 6 inch Timmynoggy will have a large enough U shaped gap to go around a 7-8 inch post, but that post will not allow the space that the Timmynoggy requires to leverage into place and create the secure hanging option you are looking for.  We've tested and they sometimes will hang for a day, but eventually fall. If the Timmynoggy is hanging with more of a vertical hook look, you're probably are attempting to use the wrong size, and you won't get the desired result.   Always measure the post you desire to use and then order the Timmynoggy for that size post.  Refer to FAQ #7 for detailed instructions on how to choose your Timmynoggy.      We've attached a few pictures of a Timmynoggy that is on the wrong size post for you to see the undesired vertical angle

.wrong size

wrong size 2

16. Will a Timmynoggy work on my wrapped posts?

 That depends.  A tightly wrapped vinyl post will be more successful than a fabricated plastic wrapped post.  Unfortunately, we have found it is the luck of the draw.  Sometimes they work famously,  some times they get a little quirky.  The more weight, the better the stability, however if it is a loose vinyl wrap, the weight could leave a crimp mark on your vinyl.  We do offer the Timmy Thins that will hold 2.5 pounds which can normally handle an average size hanging plant in a plastic pot.  Light weight, no crimping.        We also offer, free of charge, color matched clips that attach a Timmynoggy to your wrapped post but it will require the use of one small screw that comes with it.   Sort of defeats the purpose but lots of folks love the look of the Timmynoggy and the wonderful colors, that they choose to use one that way anyway.    Personal choice!     If you need a clip,  add it to your order in a note to us on the order form.  We'll get you fixed up!    We have a new style that we are going to be producing soon that will solve this issue so stay tuned.

17.  Is your Timmynoggy squirrel proof?

 If you had a bird feeder, you know that nothing is squirrel proof completely.  Once they discover your seed treasure, they will think of nothing else than to get to the delicious free meal that you've provided.  In their over zealous attempts to get to or fend off other sibling squirrels from their gold mine, they can be responsible for your Timmynoggy to become unstable and fall with your feeder.  Unless your feeder is heavy, heavy, heavy,  they are going to knock it and your Timmynoggy down.   That being said, we do offer matching clips that will hold your Timmynoggy in place but they come with a screw to screw them in place into your post.  That will prevent your Timmynoggy from falling, but not your feeder.  You can zip tie it on, or twist tie it on to help, but nothing is foolproof.  We have heard that they don't care for Safflower Seeds, but birds love them.   I haven't tried, as frankly we gave up on ours.  We had ours high up a pole covered in metal wrap , on a pulley system to lower the feeder down to us to refill.  Worked great for a while until they discovered they could chew through the rope where we tied it off on a cleat and make the feeder drop to the ground.   We replaced rope with heavy duty fishing line, same result.  They won.  Squirrels 2, humans zero.   

18.  There's room for your question here.  E-mail us and we'll do our best to help answer!