Macon! You were fantastic!


We came, we saw and we fell in love with you all!  What a great group of people and so many new Timmynoggy owners!  

We had introduced some new Timmynoggy styles and they were a hit. We totally sold out!  For those of you looking online to put orders in for our new Timmynoggy Thins,  our Timmynoggy Banner or our Timmynoggy PLUS,  fear not!  We are going to be adding these items to our regular website as quickly as the shows are complete which should be the first week in December.  Keep checking back.  We'll be adding them to the website as quickly as we can make more!  

Taking just a moment break from making more to restock our inventory to get ready for the next Christmas Made in the South Show in Savannah, Ga on Nov. 10th through Nov. 12th.    Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!   Back after it!  

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  • Mechele Cummins