About Us and the Birth of a Timmynoggy

     Years ago,  after adding a patio style addition to our home, the desire to hang plants and fun, homey things was overwhelming.  You know, outdoor patio = hanging plants.  The problem we encountered was that I don't have the "eye" for decorating like some lucky and talented people have.  It is a curse and not just mine.  There are a lot of you out there.  I know. We've heard from you.  Back to my story,  my loving hubby came around the corner with drill in hand, anxious to make my decorating dreams come true, and I did the unthinkable.   I stopped him.  Yep,  I didn't want holes in my beautiful, new posts from all my, "oh dear, that doesn't look right there, let's try over here....oh, no, not there either."     Does this sound familiar?    I said I wanted something that would basically hook around the post and allow us to move it from one post to another, higher, lower...until I found the perfect look.    We discussed options and off he went to the garage to create the first Timmynoggy.   We used it for 10 plus years, and it weathered the hot, the cold, the Florida humidity, 6 kids and the high winds from tropical storms , one or two hurricanes, and actually outlasted the plants that we hung there in the beginning.  It still hangs, rusty as heck, but it hasn't moved.   Several years ago, we decided to improve the look, pursue a patent, figure out a way to manufacture in our shop,  tested a few million types of metal, tested 3 million ways to bend it to our required specifications,  and easily tested one billion (well, it seemed like it) ways to put a durable, beautiful and long lasting finish on our final product, ramp up production and started offering to friends and relatives.   Success!  We also discovered in the process how many women appreciated the Timmynoggy because they could now hang what they wanted,  basically where they wanted without tools or screws,  or waiting on a fella to help them out.  We are now creating a web presence to begin branching out and offering to YOU!  Please take a moment and look at a few things our Timmynoggy can do!      

      And  please excuse our "computer-techno" dust as we build.  We're still building and tweaking,  so let us know if you have questions we haven't covered, or suggestions for us,  or see goofs we need to fix.  You know what they say... "It takes a village to raise a child" and this is our child.    Check us out and grow with us.

A huge THANK YOU to Jordan and Kevin at K&J Web Productions.  You guys are AWESOME.


Damon and Mechele 

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