Taste of the Lakes - April 8, 2017

We are enjoying this warm winter and thoughts turn to an early spring.  Ours turn to TImmynoggys!   Time to start thinking about how to spruce up and enjoy the colors of spring.  We can help!  We have 18, well, 20 gorgeous colors to help you get started.   Not sure which color or style?  We have a great solution!  Come see us at the 3rd Annual Taste of the Lakes in Tallahassee on April 8th.   See the Timmynoggys in action and get your hands on one!  Choose your color or colors and take 'em home.   You'll have a head start on a great new look that is taking the South by storm.   Get on board!  Can't wait to see you there!

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  • Mechele Cummins