The Timmynoggy Bent

Product Description
    Our Timmynoggy Bent is made from solid steel and can easily hold 7 to 55 pounds. The more weight, the better the reliability.  It is by far our most popular Timmynoggy! We make them in 19 different UV resistant powder coated colors really give you almost unlimited  options to either blend in with your area, or chose to accent your favorite colors.    We love that they are so versatile in both use, look and color!     Use them to line your privacy fence posts with LED lanterns,  or change the look of your mailbox post.   They look great on porch posts with plants, heavy chimes, big bird feeders, oversize bird houses, all sorts of the cool, hangy, artsy things that are out there these days!   We've even used them at Halloween to hang our heavy, resin skeletons!  
    Product dimensions:

     6 inch:   25"x13"x4"

     4 inch:   22"x10"x4"

    Snowbird White
    Sunshine Yellow
    Sweet Tangellow
    Cabana Orange
    My Red Bikini
    Hot Flamingo Pink
    Boat Bottom Burgundy
    Little Havana Purple
    Its Blue Skies
    Ocean Blue
    Key Lime Green
    Palm Frond Green
    Fancy Copper Vein
    Sundance Gold
    Doubloon Silver
    Fancy Silver Vein
    Limo Tint Black
    Bimini Top Black
    Sea Foam Blue-Green
    Miami Retro Mint Green limited offer
    $ 32.00