The Timmynoggy Straight

Product Description

This Timmynoggy is our straight version and like all our Timmynoggys,  are made from solid steel which we powder coat in one of our 19 popular UV resistant colors.  Our straight Timmynoggy will hold 7 to 45 pounds with ease and give a different profile look for your hanging needs.  The more weight, the more reliable they become.  Combine two and hang a kayak on a fence!

Note:  This straight Timmynoggy is not made for banners as it does not hang completely horizontal. It is a higher profile hanger.  If you are looking for something to hang the smaller banners, check out our Timmynoggy Banner & Sign.   

Product Dimensions:  4 or 6 inch version 28x6x4


Snowbird White
Sunshine Yellow
Sweet Tangellow
Cabana Orange
My Red Bikini
Hot Flamingo Pink
Boat Bottom Burgundy
Little Havana Purple
Its Blue Skies
Ocean Blue
Key Lime Green
Palm Frond Green
Fancy Copper Vein
Sundance Gold
Doubloon Silver
Fancy Silver Vein
Limo Tint Black
Bimini Top Black
Sea Foam Blue-Green
Miami Retro Mint Green
$ 28.00